Stealth is a modular, linkable banner system designed to create seamless graphic displays, providing a highly portable and easy-to-use backdrop for all types of applications.

Link four banners together with magnetic strips and joining panels, position at different angles to suit your space.

Graphic panel can be cut out to support tv monitor, attach lights overhead. Complete display with counter to welcome your guests.

Frame Construction Graphic Materials
4 x Stealth banners  
3 x Flexible joining panels Pop-up PVC
1 x Linear (counter) Foam board

* Where shown, screens, tables and chairs are not included.


  • Assembly Time:
    Assembly Time Less than 0.25 day
  • People required:
    Based on 1 people for assembly
  • Hardware Weight:
    Hardware Weight  76kg approx
  • Hardware cases:
    Hardware Cases  2 x counter bags, 1x standard 1050x550x160 bag, 2 x padded bags for lights, 2 x 7.2kg Stealth cases
  • Footprint:
    2000 x 3250  mm
  • Constructed using four Stealth banners.